We are Occupy Sacramento & We stand in solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet

We are the 99%
Activism = Change

Whether or not you are aware of the ongoing nonviolent
protest taking place at Liberty Park in New York, it is important to note that
the protests are occurring for your sake, the sake of the 99% of Americans that
are being abused by the corruption and greed of the 1% of Americans that control
the wealth in our nation. OccupyWallStreet began on September 17, 2011, with the
intent of protesting on New York's financial district to show that the 99% is no
longer going to take the abuse. Since then, protesters have been at Liberty Park
in New York day and night, despite wind, rain, and several arrests by the NYPD.
In their efforts, they remain nonviolent, streaming footage on their livestream
website for lack of press coverage. American mainstream media has deliberately
chosen to ignore the ongoing protests, just as Arab mainstream media did during
the Arab Spring revolutions earlier this year. 

Despite the lack of press coverage, there are currently 27 cities in the US and
internationally that are standing in solidarity with the efforts at Wall Street.
The 99% in Sacramento need to show their support, and stand up against the 1%.
We are currently working on gaining support in Sacramento to organize similar
demonstrations at the state capitol. We may not be able to show our support
physically, but the least we can do is show that even without mainstream media
attention, democracy in the US still stands, and that we are here to support the
rights of the common man. WE ARE THE 99%.

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OccupyWallStreet, visit

Occupy Sacramento
is currently in the process of organizing similar demonstrations. Please show
support by spreading the word about Occupy Sacramento. 

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